Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Well, tonight I'm pooped but this is a thankful from yesterday, just copied over here. I'm still so grateful for this and at least I know my mom and dad will read it & they're not on Facebook where I originally posted it. Thanks mom & dad!

Today I was feeling lower than low. I'm so thankful that my Heavenly Father knew I needed a tender mercy today and put the right person in the right place to lift me up. I met one of my heroes, Stephanie Nielsen of NieNie Dialogues. So many times her words have helped me to get through a bad day, but today I guess He knew I needed those words directed to me individually. We stood in the aisle of the craft store and talked about trials and how they shape us forever. I told her how many times she had inspired me when my heart was aching for Gabriel and Reese. We talked about how we are blessed to have the trials we are personally given because they were meant just for us. She told me she wouldn't want my trial and I certainly wouldn't want hers. We talked about the blessings that come from them...even though we might have to wait through this life to receive the ones we most desire...her perfect body and my perfect babies.

P.S. If you don't know who NieNie is, you should. She rocks!! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for those who hold me up....and I'm trying to let go of the hurt from those who should, but don't. That's not easy, but I'm trying.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Summer Bucket List #3s

Here's our Summer Bucket List #3s

Ben: Go to the Uintas

Another fail on Ben's list! Boo! We considered going one day when we were in the mountains but it was raining and we decided we'd try it another time. Another time never came. Sorry Benny!!

Cyndi: Kennecott Copper Mine

I've been wanting to go here for a long time. Growing up in SLC, I've always seen Kennecott across the valley all of my life, but I have never been there! We were glad we finally got a chance to visit. It sure is an impressive sight to see! That place is ginormous!! 

Skylar: Classic Skating

It's crazy that I've never taken my kids here, but we finally made it! We took scooters the first time and some kids were not happy about that at all. Some were stoked!  We went back and Skylar took a friend. This time she tried roller skating and spent a lot more time on her butt than her feet, but she loved it!! The other kids opted for the bounce stuff. We had a lot more fun that time.

Nick: Living Planet Aquarium

Our season pass was almost up but we were able to squeeze in one more trip to the aquarium. Nick was super excited to see the new baby sharks. We also got to meet up with my friend, Arianne. Arianne and I were really good friends in junior high and high school but lost contact eventually since I was at a different high school. A lot of years later, and some of the same heartaches, and now we text all of the time! It was good to finally see her and her cute babies after such a long time!

Kade: Backyard Campout

I love backyard campouts! We only got one in this summer, but it was fun! Ben & Skylar slept nice and snug in their beds but the rest of enjoyed the warm summer breeze and the stars overhead.

Alexis: Wheeler Farm

Alexis was the only one that had been to Wheeler Farm before and she was excited to go back. We met my friend, Kris and her kids there. Our kids got along so well and we had a really fun time together. Plus, I got to snuggle on Kris's sweet rainbow baby, Sam. It was a good day. 

Summer Bucket List #2s

Here's everyone's summer bucket list #2s:

Ben: Bikeride by the lake

Um, didn't happen. We realized this might be a little hard since we don't have a way to transport Little Miss Lex, who doesn't get very far on her Winnie the Pooh trike. Maybe next year?

Cyndi: Camping

I wanted to get in a lot of camping and we were so looking forward to going to Kodachrome State Park for Memorial Day weekend. The best laid plans, huh? We did get in one camping trip to Timpanogos Campground, which is our favorite local one. It was super fun!

 Skylar: Seven Peaks with friends (everything is with friends these days!)

We got in a few trips....with friends!....to 7 Peaks. I only took two pics though!

Nick: Go to the Planetarium

Dang it! We never did this either! We looked at the stars when we went camping. Does that count?

Kade: The Children's Museum

We tried a few times but we didn't get around to this until Alexis's birthday, which is still officially summer so it counts!! Plus, then we had free passes for both Skylar and Alexis for their birthdays so it made it even sweeter and the summer busyness was over so we practically had the Children's Museum to ourselves! We decided that this will always be on the September Bucket List instead. :)

Alexis: Go on a Picnic

We did this! I promise! We went to the canyon with our friends, the Stuebners and had a grand 'ol time. I just forgot to take a picture. Yes, me! Can you even believe that? I can't!!


Summer Bucket List #1s

So I was trying to figure out the best way to post all of our summer adventures. In the middle of May we made a bucket list of all the things that everyone wanted to do to make it the best summer ever. Summer didn't start out like we had planned, but we still tried our best to make everyone's summer dreams come true. I decided to blog about it in order of where it was on the bucket list instead of in the order they happened. Maybe if I get around to it, I'll put more detail into these in their own separate posts, but for now, this is going to have to do.

Here is everyone's summer bucket list #1s:

Ben: Hiking

He took the kiddos hiking with friends while I was at girls' camp.
 Then as a family, we went hiking to Stewart Falls.

Cyndi: Drive-In Theater

I love the drive in! We used to go there all of the time when I was single and then later on after we got married for a few years until the tore the local one down. We had to go to SLC to let our kids experience how awesome a drive-in is. It was worth it! We saw Brave.

Skylar: Ice Cream for Dinner!

Honestly, Skylar asks for ice cream for dinner about once a week. She only gets it once a year. This makes her very happy!

Nick: Hogle Zoo

Nick loves the zoo but it's so pricey to go. I told him if we didn't go for a year and waited until the new exhibit, Rocky Shores, was open we'd get a season pass which pays for itself after two visits. It was so worth it. I think I love Rocky Shores more than any of the kids! We got to go with my brother and his kids when they were up visiting from St. George. That made it even more fun!

Kade: Laser Tag at Trafalga

Lex isn't old enough to play laser tag so we had to wait for a night that Ben could join us so we could take turns. We had a blast!

Alexis: Swimming at Grandma's & Grandpa's pool

We love swimming at my parent's pool. It's especially fun when we have it all to ourselves! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I've been blue. So blue.

Today I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, who sends me things I need to hear on days when my heart is heavy. Thank you for this, baby.

Father's Day!

Father's Day was a super chill day, just the way Ben wanted it. The kids were awesome and helped me make breakfast in bed.
After church, we just did nothing. Ben rarely gets a nothing day. We eventually headed up the canyon to hang out at Timpanogos Park. It was a beautiful day.
Later on we opened some presents. The kids all thought of some service they could do for Ben and he got a big fat coupon book with promises of backrubs and extra help. He also got a ton of tennis balls and other fun things. 
Who's your daddy? The best daddy ever!!
Honestly, I love that my kids have such an awesome dad. He's such a patient, understanding, involved, and fun dad and my kids just adore him. Me too! 

Welcome Home Elder Dylan!

My nephew, Dylan, got home from his LDS mission where he served in Mexico City. The kids were so excited to see him again! They helped their cousins make this huge poster to welcome him home.
Seeing the emotional reunion between Dylan and my sister-in-law made me think of how awesome it will be to hug my baby boys when I see them again. *Tears* I can not wait!!
Dylan was greeted by everyone wearing sombreros, including Chewbacca and a Captain America Dylan. Yes, my family is goofy.
Alexis did not remember Dylan at all and she decided that she wasn't as excited as she thought about having this big tall stranger being her cousin. The rest of us are glad he's back. Welcome home Dylan!!