Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Tooth!

Skylar's two front teeth have both been loose forever. The left started wiggling first but the right quickly took over in the race to come out first. The last week or so it's kind of taken on this distorted placement and isn't able to go back into place. It was kind of just hanging there and not going anywhere. Finally, Ben & I were fed up with it and convinced Skylar to do the old string on the door trick to get it out. Here's how it went:

So it's finally out! Whoohoo! Just in time too because the reason that it wouldn't go back into place was because the adult tooth is practically a fourth of the way out! Skylar is ecstatic with the new space in her mouth that accommodates a straw. She was also so ecstatic about the tooth fairy coming that she woke up at 5:30 this morning! Apparently, the tooth fairy had taken the tooth but left nothing under her pillow. After she & Nick sufficiently searched their bedroom and had also sufficiently woken the entire family up before 7 (way too early for us!!) we finally found the loot under her bed in the corner! Let's just say last night's tooth fairy (and I'm not mentioning his name!) may be out of a job for future tooth exchanges!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up

Last week was a busy one with all of the Valentine's happenings- especially the weekend! Everyone remained healthy so the kids begged to finally have friends over, which we did every day! I was definitely in need of a break after having extra kids in the house all week. Luckily, we did the V-day date night swap with Tongs so they could go out on Thursday night and we were able to go out on Friday night. Trading is the best! Our kids absolutely love being together and it's so nice to be able to get a night out alone-even if all we did was eat at the Bombay House (yummy Indian food!!) and then go shopping-at least the shopping was calm and uninterrupted by kids on the run!
I don't know if I've mentioned this before but Skylar is in love!! Absolutely, without a doubt, in love. This is not a shock to us. She's been in love with Donovan Tong since birth practically. They are both convinced that their love will stay strong throughout the years and they will end up married.
The future wedding announcement

They are kind of getting to that awkward stage of life where the opposite sex becomes "icky" so we'll see if they like each other much longer. So, of course, Skylar was really excited about seeing him on Valentine's Day and giving a Valentine to her boyfriend, "Dadoo" (what she used to call him when she was little). I had to laugh at the Valentine that she made for him. It's just too cute!
On Saturday we headed up to the Hanamaikai's house for Kaipo's birthday party. It was a pirate party and my kids were so excited! We had some good food-yummy luau chicken- and a great time! It's always a good time with a house full of Hanamaikais! We promised our kids that we would stop by IKEA on the way back and see if they could get into the playland. By the time they got in they only got to play for 15 minutes but they loved every minute of it. IKEA has become our family's favorite store. Even Kade joins in screaming "IKEA!!!" when we pass it on the freeway!
On Sunday Skylar gave a talk in primary. Her subject was: The scriptures teach me about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and how to return to them. She talked about when Jesus visited the Nephites and told them to be like their little children. She did really well on her talk. Skylar loves to speak in church-something she did not inherit from her mom!
Ben had work off on Monday and we went to yet another party for Dylan's birthday. We went to Chuck E. Cheese where it was crazy busy!! We had a fun time with the Tongs and the Hoens amid the chaos. We were sufficiently worn out by the time we got home and everyone crashed for a long nap. It was a great ending to a busy weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars In Theaters and on Television in 2008

I have to admit I'm pretty excited about this. I am a total Star Wars nerd. I know what we're doing August 15.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mommy Crushes!

I recently received a online newsletter from Parents Magazine that talked about Mommy Crushes. Here's a list they came up with:

Top 10 Mommy Crushes

We polled our married staffers and came up with this list of hotties:

  1. Any and all firemen

  2. Jon Stewart

  3. The one dad at the playground

  4. 24's Jack Bauer

  5. Forest rangers

  6. The "IT" guy at work

  7. Steve, the former host of Blue's Clues

  8. The UPS guy

  9. Handsome gym guy

  10. Your child's pediatrician

And let's not forget the hot celebrity daddies we all love.

So Ben is often at the playground, is the IT guy, was a UPS guy, loves to go to the gym, and has been told countless times that he looks like Steve from Blues Clues. Ben and I had a good laugh about this list. But I have to agree since I had a crush on Ben from the get-go!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up

Well, it's official. I'm totally beyond done with winter. I'm so tired of being cooped up in the house! Having had someone in our house sick the entire month has finally taken it's toll on my sanity. We are finally all healthy-knock on wood! But the week was still just filled with the humdrum stuff of everyday life. Nothing too exciting to report. We were lucky enough to get a Cranium Super Fort on clearance to add to our Mega Fort. This has made for some amazing giant forts that have kept us entertained for hours. We even have enough building sticks to make a room for each kid so that no one has to fight. It's been sooo nice.
Ben had his Scout's Klondike camp out on Friday night. I'm a huge fan of camping but this is the one time of the year that I am soooo glad that I don't have to go sleep in the snow. Ben has finally accumulated enough supplies that he stayed warm in the freezing cold. So I think he actually enjoys it now, but he'd never admit it!
After Ben got home on Saturday we took the kids to see the Veggie Tales Pirate movie at the $1 show. My kids have been totally into Veggie Tales lately. They're a little funky and Ben and I are both a little bothered about them not having arms to hold things (objects just float in the air next to them-a little disturbing) but at least they teach some good values. Afterwards we dropped Skylar off at BYU to go see the Living Legends dance concert with Ben's mom. It's a show that has Native American, Polynesian, and Latin American dances. It's really an awesome show-I wish we could have all gone-but the boys are too little. However, our little dancer absolutely loved it and loved having a Girl's Night Out with her Grandma Cammi!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up

So basically for the last two weeks our house has been full of sickies. First it was Kade & Nick and then Ben & I got the same yucky, horrible cold thing. Skylar was lucky and missed it! Beyond the fact that we all felt miserable, we (especially me!) were all getting a little stir-crazy. Finally last Friday, we all felt okay. Skylar had school off so I told her that we could do something fun since we'd been so cooped up! We went to Progressive Power Tumbling where they have a Mom & Tots time where you can just play on all of their stuff. They have a giant foam pit that you can swing into, big climbing blow-ups, trampolines, and a giant hamster ball (for lack of a better way to describe it). The kids had so much fun getting a chance to run around and got some energy out. I told Ben that I'm going to start taking them all of the time. It was really fun! Afterwards we went out to lunch and then did a quick trip to Toys R Us-which my kids think is one of the funnest things we could possibly do. We had a great day!

But of course, it couldn't last! Ben had a LAN Party on Friday night. I got the kids ready for bed and started working on Nick's baby book (I'm soo close to being done! Finally!) Poor little Skylar came downstairs saying she didn't feel good. Then the throwing up began and lasted throughout the night. Nick also joined in around 5 am. So yet again another weekend of sickness! Nick's didn't last long but Skylar was sick through Sunday morning. I did let her go back to school today because she was feeling better and begged to. I hope she's okay and I hope that we're all done being sick!!!!