Thursday, May 28, 2009

She's an actor, model, dancer, whatever....

So it's time to brag about Miss Skylar for a bit. I'm pretty sure I could do this a lot but I try not to go overboard. But, hey, she is such a great kid that she deserves it every now and then. So about a month ago we went to Skylar's dance competition at Lagoon. We had planned on making it just a Mom & Sky day and spending the day there but it just happened to be the one Saturday that it didn't just rain, it poured buckets!! We were drenched within minutes of walking in. So, we decided to just stay for the competition and then head home-which was fine since this was a week after going to D-land! We had a fun time together! I also had the great experience of being amongst a thousand wet dancer's moms crammed into a pavilion in a downpour. If Skylar hadn't been so dang worth it to see, I might have been more peeved. But she never disappoints me with her awesome dance skills and amazing enthusiasm!! Her group did soooo great! They did two dances-one ballet and one tap and ended up getting 2nd place for both! How awesome is that?

A few days after the dance competition we went to see Skylar show off her singing skills at the Hope of America concert at BYU. This is kind of the kick off for the Freedom Festival and I really had no idea how big it would be. There are schools that come from all over the valley to participate in it. It is mostly fourth through sixth graders but somehow our school got lined up to have the only 1st grade class that performs at it year after year. Skylar's class did an amazing song called Go My Son and did all the sign language to it as well. They did a great job! It was really neat to see.
Last week was field day at Skylar's school and she did so great! She won first place for the obstacle course and 2nd place for the three legged race. Way to go Sky! The other day she also came home from school and was excited that she had won an award at the school Awards ceremony. She got the Top Academic Award again this year. I said "Wow! That's two years in a row!" to which she replied "No, last year I got the Smart Cookie award!". This made me laugh because that's what we had told her the award was last year because she didn't know what academic meant and that was the best way to explain it. Anyway, congrats our Top Academic/Smart Cookie girl!
Finally, last night was Skylar's last dance concert for the year and our family was able to go see Skylar strut her stuff. My parents and Ben's mom also were able to come and Skylar loves that so much! It was such a wonderful concert! The theme this year was On Broadway. Skylar's group, the Mini Stars, performed three dances-1 jazz (You Can't Stop the Beat), 1 ballet (Castle on a Cloud-sooo beautiful!), and 1 tap (I Want To Be a Rockette) . They did such a great job! This is actually Skylar's last year with Mini Stars because she is moving up to the Mini Company next year. She will be the youngest in the company but her teacher, Ms. Christy, says she is definitely ready! Skylar says she never wants to stop dancing and I'm pretty sure that she's won't!

So there you have it. Skylar is just plain awesome!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is Utah, after all.

So it's finally warming up here and our kids have been BEGGING for the chance to run through the sprinklers. I mean, it's been warm, but not that warm yet. But we let them do it anyway. Notice all the snow on the mountain behind them. This did not deter our crazy, freezing kids.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Cute Kid Quote

Tonight, out of nowhere in the the middle of dinner Kade says:
"If we go to the beach again, I will do the robot dance. Like this"
and then he proceeded to dance like a crazy man.

I think we should go back to the beach.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

Marc Brown