Thursday, August 30, 2007

You're not so dumb as I think I are

Ben just showed me this tonight. I laughed so hard I cried.

Totally into Twilight

Last night I finished the latest installment, Eclipse, of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I have to say wow! I really enjoyed it. My only problem with it? The next one isn't due out until next fall. It will be hard to wait because I've totally gotten into them. Each one only took me about a week to read and they're all at least 500 pages, I think. Adrianne gave me the first one for my birthday and I'm so glad she did. Ben teases me because the main audience is teenage girls. But I'd beg to differ on that. Everywhere I go, I see adult women reading them. I even saw a lady reading it while driving, which I definitely don't condone, but totally understand how hard it is to put down. For those of you that don't know the premise-it is basically about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire-but he's a good vampire. Sounds a little hokey, but it is definitely a good read. The author actually graduated from BYU and is LDS-although there's nothing "churchy" in the books at all. I've always claimed that you can be LDS and still really be into the whole horror genre. My brother gave a Book of Mormon to Stephen King while on his mission and I'm pretty sure someday Stephen King is going to pick that up and it will change his life. Anyway, get on Amazon & order the whole series-3 so far-it is very difficult to find them in the store!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One Crazy Day!!!!

Okay, I expected today to be crazy and emotional but I had no idea! Today was Skylar's first day of school! Of course, her & Nick(he usually is our early riser-and last to bed!) were up before me. Skylar was so excited! Ben woke me up when he left to work & I jumped in the shower. When I got done I went downstairs to tell the kids to come up for breakfast. They were watching TV and our cat was sitting with them, staring them down, trying to make eye contact. Then I noticed the blood. Soffee finally had her babies!!! Of all days for this to happen. She seriously looked relieved when she saw me and guided me to where they were-4 little adorable kittens. To quote Nick, "It is awesome!!" I was so proud of Soffee. She had done it all by herself and cleaned up most of the mess. I wasn't too happy about her sitting on our couch but hey, we need a new couch anyway. Of course, she didn't have her babies where I wanted her to but she didn't object to me moving them. She has been the perfect little mother all day. Everytime she heard someone cry or scream she'd come into the room and meow like she wanted us to be quiet for her sleeping kittens. The kids have loved it and it's been so fun to watch them dote on Soffee. The biggest challenge is keeping them away and letting her have her peace!!
After the exciting morning rush we walked Skylar to school. Ben drove over from work to meet us and send her on her way. A girl from our ward in Skylar's class came over yesterday so that they could meet and play. Today, like old friends, they grabbed hands and entered the world of kindergarten. So cute!! I didn't burst out crying like I expected, but McKade did! He did not want to see his Skylar go! After taking a dozen pictures, I walked home with the boys with a heavy heart, but kept my composure. When I got home I shed a couple of tears and cuddled with Nick really close until he said "Mom, can you let go?" My sweet babies are growing up. I'm so excited for them because I know how much fun they'll have in life but I also know that it's so hard! Plus I love them sweet and little. Well, of course, Skylar LOVED school!!! She has not stopped talking about how much fun she had. I'm so glad she's so excited!!
Ben & I have been bugging Skylar about taking off the training wheels on her bike. She has been adamant that she was not ready at all. Today she asked me if she could ride her bike to school and I told her she had to have the training wheels off. So, that's all it took. She was ready. So, tonight they came off and she was on her way!! She did pretty good-much better than me when I learned. We will continue to practice but she is determined to get that bike to school within the week.
Anyway, it has been one of the craziest days in a long time. I feel like it's been a whole week's worth in one day! I had insomnia last night so I only slept about 4 hours so I'm in definite need of a bed. What a day, what a day!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up

This week feels like it hasn't been as busy but looking back it still has. I think it's been less hectic because Seven Peaks is closed during the day so we've only been one time this week instead of our usual trip or two during the days. So, I guess we're slowing down on the fun-filled days of summer and settling into the more mellow days of the school year.
Monday Ben and I went out to dinner with the adult members of my family for my dad's and sister-in-law's birthday. I don't think that we've ever done that since I have been an actual adult. I'm the youngest in the family so it's great to finally make it to the adult's table!!! It was nice to get together. My dad is so awesome. When I was in high school we didn't get along too well (totally my fault-I was such a punk!) but now I value our relationship so much! He's turning the big 69 which seems so weird because 70 year olds used to seem so old!! I guess he's still got one year of youth left. That's how I felt at 29!!! Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you!!!
On Tuesday I got together with one of my high school buddies, Om. Her and another friend, Rachel, and I have been getting together more this year. Rachel had to cancel on us so it was just Om and I and our kids. We went to the park near our high school and just chilled while the kids played. Om's always been such a great example to me. She's the kind of person that you can just count on to do the right thing. It's great to still have her as a friend.
We've been taking advantage of the cooler weather (it's sad when 90 is cooler, huh?) and hanging outside a lot. McKade had his first go on the skateboard and loved it! I think he's got some talent there. Now we'll definitely have to build that half pipe in our yard that we've been talking about. The kids also did some romping in the sprinklers. It's so much fun to watch them do summer kid stuff!!
Saturday we went to BBQ for a friend's birthday up in the canyon. We had fun playing in the river even though it was freezing!! Afterwards we went to the Owlz game. It was like the shortest game ever. We were about an hour late coming from the BBQ but it was already in the 7th inning by then. They won with a homerun in the bottom of the 9th so it still ended up being fun even though we were only there for a short while. We might make it out to one more this summer but the days are slipping away!
Skylar starts school on Tuesday!! She is sooooo excited. We found out who her teacher is (my first pick so I'm glad) but also found that her two best buddies are in the class that she is not. She was really bummed about that. There is another girl in our ward that is in her class though. Skylar doesn't know her because they are not in the same class at church. I set up a playdate for tomorrow so they can play and then they'll know someone the first day. She seems a little more happy now. I know she's going to make a lot of friends and have a blast! I'm so scared that I'm going to cry the whole way home after taking her. Good thing we live across the street from the school so I don't have to drive and bawl at the same time. We told her that tonight is her last little kid night because tomorrow is a school night!! That's a little weird to say!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby No More!

So here's McKade in time-out for the first time! I usually don't start the time-outs until my kids are 18 months old but he's close enough and definitely deserved it. He slapped Nick right across the face!! Of course, Nick was breaking one of McKade's "rules" and cuddling with me. That is something Kade will not tolerate and he let it be known! I don't know what to do with my boys! Lately, they fight like crazy and it's driving me a little crazy. I expected sibling rivalry but it's a little out of control with those two. Nick is always upset with Kade playing with his toys and McKade simply can't handle any association of Nick with his momma. Hopefully we'll figure it all soon and they learn that they can be best buds instead of fighting. But I'm kind of afraid that many time-outs are heading our way. At least they always end with a hug!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby No More?

My baby boy is growing up so fast! In the last couple of weeks he has gone from baby to toddler and I'm just not ready for it. He is trying to do everything the big kids do and it is just so cute but it makes my heart a little sad at the same time. The other day Skylar called me into the bathroom to show me Kade on Nick's little potty! Although it'd be nice for him to potty train himself, I'm not ready for another round of potty training yet! He is also folding his arms for prayers now. It's adorable but can't he just stay little awhile longer!?!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up

So it's been a busy week trying to fit all of our last summer activities into the short time remaining. On Tuesday we went to Seven Peaks with my sister, Steph, and her four girls. Of course I don't have pictures because I don't ever drag the camera there. We've spent so much time there this summer that I should have pictures, but oh well. Anyway, we had such a fun time with them. Skylar loves getting together with my sister's girls. I think sometimes she'd be okay without ever having a sister if she could just hang with them. I hope that's not the case though. I really want her to have a sister. Steph has become one of my best friends, especially since having kids, and it would be so sad for Skylar to miss out on that kind of relationship.
Ben didn't have Young Men's on Wednesday which worked out perfect because we were able to go the Owlz game and the seats, drinks, hot dogs, popcorn were all a $1 each. We were able to sit right behind home base (with a double rainbow as the background) and the kids really enjoyed watching the game. Usually when we go we're sitting on the grass and they're playing around so much they don't watch the action as much. It was nice to actually pay attention to the game. One of the Owlz players got hurt and an ambulance had to come. The kids were so concerned, especially McKade. The player ended up with only a minor concussion so it wasn't as bad as it looked. Anyway, the game was a blast and the kids loved the hot dogs! The simple pleasures of life.
Thursday brought another day at the pool with the kids. This was the last week that they are open during the day so we had to go one last time. The kids have so much fun in the lazy river. I swear we go around and around a dozen times. I probably look like a fool with McKade in the baby tube and Skylar and Nick hanging on me. Skylar can stand up and swim but she forgets sometimes so I'm always being hung on. I'm definitely in need of a new swimsuit next year as mine has been stretched out by Nick always pulling on it. One of these days I'm afraid there's going to be an X-rated show at the pool when he finally gets it all the way down! I've had so much fun with my kids this summer. I love those little cuties!
So I got an e-mail from my friend, Angela, with a picture of her little boy who just started kindergarten last week. It was just last year that this cute kid was showing up for his
first day of joy school at our house! I totally choked up. So if my friend's kid starting school gets me crying, how's it going to be when my sweet Sky starts school? I had a preview on Friday when we went to Back to School at her school. We don't know who her teacher is yet but we did meet all the kindergarten teachers. Skylar is so excited she can't stand it! However, I'm gearing myself up for a sad and tearful day!
Friday night we headed up the canyon and went camping. It's such a hassle getting all ready and especially packing up our teeny tiny car with all the gear but once I get to the great outdoors, it's all worth it. I love camping so much! We did our usual hot dog roast and had s'mores. McKade was really digging those. We got sprinkled a little with rain but it was still really nice and warm all night. The kids went right to sleep-Nick actually slept better camping than he does at home! McKade woke up about 5:30 am fascinated with the rain on the roof of the tent and there wasn't too much sleep after that. But I don't really think sleeping is included in the definition of camping anyway, is it? We still had such a great time! Maybe I can talk Ben into being campground hosts when we're old and gray?!
On Saturday, Ben's mom babysat so that we could go see the Numbs put on a show. They're the hip hop group that is pretty much responsible for Ben and I. They were all Ben's buddies in high school and then when he was on his mission, I was basically a "groupie". They introduced us the day after he got home from the mish and the rest is history. Well, they haven't had a show down in Provo for like 6 years or so and I think it's even been longer since we've seen them perform. We we're definitely feeling "old" skool there in the crowd of young college kids. It was great to see them-good music, good times. We just wish we would've brought a camera. I guess we'll have to go to another show soon!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

McKade is so cute!!!!

Last night Skylar & Nick were playing hide-and-seek with the neighbor. I noticed little Kade sitting at home base doing his own version of counting!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up

Summer is quickly coming to an end. I'm kind of sad. I won't mind the heat being gone but after this I'm going to be the mom of a school-age kid and our schedule will be dependent on the school system now. So, we're trying to live it up and just have as much fun as we can. We went swimming three times this week to take advantage of our passes. My kids are becoming little fishes.
On Tuesday, some friends (Adrianne, Amber, & Connie) and I got together with our kids to hang out. They are all part of the usual girl's night out crowd (except Connie just moved to Logan) but we usually don't get together with our kids. It's crazy to see how grown up they are all getting. I remember all these kids being born and now the oldest is 8! It was fun to get together and have the kids have time to catch up too.

The weekend brought camp outs for our family. Ben and Nick went to our ward's Father & Sons and Skylar and I had a Mom & Daughter camp out in the backyard. We were lucky enough to have the neighbor's dog bark the entire night so we didn't get too much sleep. McKade probably slept the best in his crib inside.

On Saturday night we went to our Stake Fiesta for awhile and hung out with Angie and her family. It's nice to know someone else in the stake! Nick was very sleepy and grumpy the entire time and we were going to go home but had planned on going to the Owlz game after. The kids (including McKade) chanted "Baseball! Baseball!" until we changed our minds and headed to the game. Yeah, we're suckers. Poor Nick didn't feel too well and finally crashed in the 8th inning. He was out. Even the fireworks after the game didn't wake him!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Our big announcement!

Well, I'm excited to make an announcement about the upcoming new addition(s) to our house. No, I am not pregnant. Being sick last week, I was asked about 10 times if I was, however flu does not equal pregnancy everyone! But our cat, Sofee, is expecting! We're really excited! We have been waiting quite awhile for a cat to have kittens (our old cat, Gracie, had some trouble with it-so sad!). We're glad we finally get the chance to witness these new little lives. I think it's such a great learning experience for kids to get to see something like this happen. I know that my cats having kittens are some of my favorite memories as a kid.
So, I don't know when she got pregnant because she's not talking but I'm guessing she's about 8 weeks along at this point. I noticed she was showing about 4 weeks ago, so according to my research, she should have about a week left. She's kind of a tiny cat so she doesn't look enormous and this being her first batch, I don't think she'll have too many kittens. Since I've been through the whole pregnancy/birthing thing I wonder, being a cat, does she know what she's in for? Or does she just feel like her body has been taken over with this giant lump in her belly and complete exhaustion? Anyway, I'm totally in nesting mode for her, having set her up in her own little spot in our crawlspace and keeping her well-fed and comfortable. Now I'm just anxiously awaiting the big day and I feel like a crazy grandma-to-be!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Quest for Jasmine

Skylar loves Disney princesses, as do most girls her age. Her favorite just happens to be Jasmine. Skylar saw this doll and fell in love with it. I told her to save her money so that she could buy it herself. The saving began and I swear we counted out her money once a week for a few months. Well, she worked and saved and when she finally had enough money, we went to the store, bags of coins in hand, to buy it! But of course they didn't have it! Poor Skylar! She was so disappointed because she had worked so hard. So that begun the search. As I found out, Jasmine is the rarest of these dolls and they only make like 1 compared to 4 of the other princesses per box. But only Jasmine would do! Finally, after a month or so of going to every store looking for it, including many of the Toys 'R Us (Walmart, Target, etc., etc.) stores in SL and UT Counties, we found it! I just had to post this because I was so proud of her hard work and patience (like 4-5 months of it!) in getting what she really wanted!! Great job Skylar!!!
Oh, we also found something else in our visits to all the Toys R Us stores. This Batman & Robin ride thing was definitely a hit! The smiles on the kids faces made the driving around all over totally worth it!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekly Wrap-up

So this week began okay. Nick threw up one time on Monday morning at 2 am but was totally fine after that. We went to see Shrek the Third that night. On Tuesday I got together with an old friend, Angie. We hadn't seen each other in about 7 years and then find out we've actually been neighbors for a year or so. We're about the same north, just 3 blocks west! They are in our same stake but different wards and churches so we've never ran into each other. That' a little crazy. It was fun to see her and catch up on her life and meet her 6 kids. I've always thought Angie was so cool and to see how well she handles having 6 kids is awesome. What an amazing girl!
After that, it is just a blur of the worst flu or something that I've had in quite awhile. Ever since I've had kids, I've been pretty healthy for the most part. I rarely get the knock-down, out of it, sicknesses too much, which is helpful when your greatest responsibility is not yourself. Anyway, I couldn't eat much (still can't) and had a hard time keeping what I ate down. Plus I was so achy that I could hardly sleep so I was basically a zombie the whole week. Being sick in the summer just makes it worse. You're totally hot but every few minutes you get the chills so you're sweating and cold at the same time and just plain miserable. Needless to say, it hasn't been too fun. Skylar has been the little mom around here helping everyone out (even teaching McKade how to go down the stairs forward-which I'm not too happy about). Ben came home from work everyday (I'm so glad he's so close!) to take care of the lunch hour and totally took over once he got home. Poor McKade met him at the door every night with his shoes because all he wanted to do was go outside after being so cooped up. My kids also watched a kazillion hours of Justice League. It's hard to regulate the TV when you are semi-conscious. Anyway, it looks like we've survived and I'm getting back to my old self.
Of course, the second I started feeling a little better, I wanted to be on the go again. On Saturday, my niece, Mae, was getting baptized, and I didn't want to miss that. I felt better so we headed up north to the baptism. Nick watched her go under the water and has decided he's not too sure about that. It's a good thing that he has a few years to go. Skylar is totally excited about getting baptized when she turns 8. I really can't believe that is only two years away. Well, we did the whole dinner thing after and I thought I was okay with the whole eating thing but after we left I started feeling miserable again. Today, I've still felt a little yucky so I stayed home from church. So, anyway, if I've spread this awful bug to everyone, I'm sorry!
I only took 3 pics this week (sorry, none of me in my sickness splendor). Here's one of most of the girl cousins. Out of those of us that live around here, there are only 3 boys compared to 8 girls! Skylar loves it!!!
Here's our sneaky little Nick trying to spy on Ben and I after we put him to bed. He's under McKade's learning table sneaking through the room. He actually made it pretty far before we caught him. The stuff he does is so goofy and funny that it's so hard to get mad at him. We end up laughing the whole time. I hope he always is a goofball. It's so fun.