Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Cute Kid Quote & Our New Arrivals

Okay, so last week I was checking out our enormously pregnant cat, Cali, and said "Wow, she totally looks like she's about to go." to which Kade replied, " Is she like going on a mission?"
So apparently she was ready for her "mission" and the next morning delivered 6-count them-6 kittens!! This is her first (and last!!) batch of kittens so that is absolutely crazy!! We were expecting 4 tops and I'm completely overwhelmed. They are pretty darn cute though.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Play Ball!

Our kids are members of the Orem Owlz Kidz Club. This in itself, is totally cool for them. They love going to the games and being a member of a club is awesome! But the best part of this club is not that they get a t-shirt and hat or even that they get into a few games for free. The best part is that once every summer they get to go learn the ropes of playing ball from the ball players themselves. Awesome!!

So the big day arrived and the kids were so excited, especially McKade (aka Shoeless Kade Jordan-we didn't realize his shoes were too small until we got there!). This was his first year getting to go and he was glad to be included. The kids got to go and meet some of the players and then rotate to mini-clinics where they learned how to catch, throw, slide, and bat from the experts.

Afterwards, they got to have their stuff autographed by the players. How cool!

There was a game that night but Ben's Aunt Tina was in town from Hawaii so instead of going we had a BBQ at our house with the fam. We had a great time!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Week 12-Is it gone?

Okay, so this was Skylar's last few days before summer break ended for her. We filled it full of fun! We:
-Went to the Dino Park in Ogden with the Tongs. Our annual membership is fully paid for now and we can feel free to head there any time-that is any time we have a few hours to kill in the car. It is pretty far away but fun enough to make it worth it every now and then.

While we were there we got to see a guy that was actually gluing together a rib from a duck-billed dinosaur that was recently found in Eastern Utah. Totally cool.

-Went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens with the Frisbys. We're so glad they moved back so we can see them more often. It is so beautiful at the gardens and there's so much to see! The kids especially loved the koi pond where they got to see tons of fish and some frogs. We worked our way to the Discovery Gardens for a quick visit and splash in the water and then the kids finished off the day with a roll down the giant hill.

-Had one more late week night at the Owlz kids game. I love the beautiful view of sunsets at the games.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beautiful, Beautiful Zion

So we decided to encourage the free weekends from the National Parks and take advantage of another visit to one. Of course, Zion was on the top of our list. We hadn't been there since Nick was a baby and couldn't wait to go back! Ben took off half a day on Friday and we headed south. We camped down near Hurricane at Quail Creek State Park. It was really beautiful there and we wished we had a boat. The water temp was like 80 degrees. After setting up camp we went on a little walk down to the water, and then ate a late dinner.

Of course, camping isn't complete without s'mores although the campfire seemed so unnecessary with the oppressive heat. After Skylar did a wonderful Native American hoop dance for us with glowsticks, the night was complete and we were wasted. It was pretty hot and that made it kind of difficult to sleep but we eventually got a few winks before the kids were wide awake at 7 and ready to go. While Ben and I packed up the kids had a super great time looking for lizards. I think Nick was more than a little disappointed that he never got to catch one. He's been aching for a pet lizard forever.

We headed over to Zion and expected a crowd and there definitely was one-it was super busy!! We decided to drive into the park so we'd have the car close in case of some kind of kid dilemma and finally found a parking place after driving around forever. Then we ate a quick lunch and jumped on the tram to start our adventures. Our first stop was near the Zion Lodge so we could take the trail to the Lower Emerald Pools. I love that trail-it's so beautiful the whole way. The kids, not so much. It just happened to be nap time for Kade and Skylar's shoes hurt and there was much complaining along the way. But it all payed off when we got there. Gorgeous!

After some resting and snacks by the lodge we jumped on the tram and headed to Weeping Rock. The kids were in a much better mood and hardly complained even though that trail is pretty steep for little ones. We had a great little hike and the kids loved all the waterfalls and the fact that they got to take showers in the water once we got there.

We didn't have much time left before we needed to head for home but we decided to make one more stop at the Temple of Sinawava and play at the river there a bit. It was so beautiful! The kids were totally excited about the sculpture in the rock that looked like the Dum, Dum, give me some gum, gum guy on the Night at the Museum. They also loved how soft the sand was. It was almost too hard to leave it. We spent more time there than planned and eventually had to hop on the tram and head back. The kids thought the tram was the coolest, by the way. We eventually made it home around 1 am and were wasted but totally thought it was worth it.

We had such a wonderful time there in Zion. Going there always reminds me of my Grandpa Jensen who once told me that of all the places he'd traveled (which was all over the world) and in all the years he lived (which was 102) he had never been anywhere more amazing. I'd have to agree. How beautiful if nothing more than to wait at Zion's door. Beautiful, beautiful Zion.