Friday, March 27, 2009


Little Lex hit the big 6 month mark last week. Seriously, a half a year already? I'm so bummed how quickly it has flown by. I honestly wish there was a way they could just stay little! In actuality, she is pretty little. Tiny even. My girls have lucked out in getting the tiny Jordan genes. I took Alexis to the Dr. yesterday and she is only 12 lbs. 4 oz. which is like the 3rd percentile for her age. Teeny! She is still able to fit in a lot of 0-3 month clothes so we're getting good use out of those. I'd be a little more concerned about how little she is but Skylar was exactly the same way. Kade, on the other hand, has the Jensen genes and is close to needing a diet! It's so crazy how we can have such extremes in our little family! Look how tiny she is in her jumper:

Cute little Lexi has totally changed her looks since she was born. I could have sworn that she'd have brown eyes when she was born but now they are the bluest blue and they are always open wide! She's taking everything in! She also is totally going blonde. Her hair is still pretty dark for the most part but has a lot of golden highlights and I'm pretty sure that as soon as the sun hits it when it warms up outside, the dark will be replaced. Pictures don't do it justice. I guess she's a mini-me after all.
Alexis is doing all the fun things that 6 month olds do: rolling all over, babbling, playing with toys, putting everything in her mouth, grabbing for everything that comes in sight, and drooling like crazy. She loves the whole solid food thing and would prefer that she was in charge of it so that she could eat everything we have. She is extremely ticklish, especially on her neck (Grandpa Bruce gives the best nuzzies!). Her laugh is adorable. She really hates tummy time and gets so frusterated at it so I'm guessing she's got awhile until she likes it enough to try crawling. She is still pretty calm and happy most of the time but she has a crazy temper if things don't go her way. It's really kind of cute how mad she gets. She is so fun to have in our house and everyone loves her so much. We're so blessed to have her in our family. The only thing I wish is that the rest of this year will go much slower!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kadybug Jacob Jordan!!

I can't believe my little baby boy is already 3! We had a fun few days celebrating his birthday! He is to the age where he knows birthdays are special so it's been so great to see him so excited about the whole thing. On Kade's birthday, which was March 19, we went to the library for story time. Kade was so excited to get to go into the "little door" since he was finally old enough. This is a room where the kids can go to listen to a story and get some independence from their parents. Nick hates going (he would rather stay with me!) but Kade had no kind of hesitation whatsoever. He just headed on in. It was kind of sad to see him not need me anymore but I'm glad he's so proud of getting to be a big boy! Later that night we went out to eat at California Pizza Kitchen. Eating out at "restaurnauts" (as my kids call it) is always so exciting since it's limited to only special occasions like someone's birthday. This is partly because it is special and partly because it is insanity to take four kids to sit down and behave in a restaurant! We had a good time though. Afterwards we headed home for some cupcakes and opened some presents. It was a nice day to celebrate our sweet, crazy boy!

On Friday we had a party for McKade at our church. We invited a few friends and the grandmas & grandpas. Kade totally was set on having a Batman and Robin party. I guess this is to be expected as he has been into Batman since he was a baby-Batman was one of his first words! We had some pizza and played some games-Mr. Freeze Dance (which was hilarious to watch) and stomping on all the villians-which was stomping on balloons with pictures of the villians filled with candy (sooo much better than a pinata I'd have to say!!) We also opened presents and had cake & ice cream. I even made an ice cream cake this time. We had a great time!

Later on, the Tongs and the Hanamaikais came over to our house to play Rock Band because a party just isn't complete without a little Rock Band, right?

The weather was beautiful last Saturday so we continued having fun by going to the zoo with the Tongs. It was so stinkin' crowded!! I'm pretty sure everyone in the SL valley decided it was the perfect weather for the zoo too. We still had a great time and thouroughly enjoyed the weather while it lasted!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feelin' Green!

I love celebrating St. Paddy's Day. It may be that it is almost Spring, or it may be that it's fun to see so many people dressed in green-especially watching out the window at the sea of green kids at recess. Or it just may be the fun food all day long - green eggs, green milk, rainbow cookies, etc. I know it's not the corned beef and cabbage that Ben and Skylar think is so yummy! But I think the best part is that I have the cutest little family that I get to give extra kisses all day long just because they're Irish!! Check out this adorable little Irish lassie that is in definite need of lots of smooches even when she's showing off her Irish temper!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our True Tall Tale

Skylar's school entered a reading contest where they had to read a bunch outside of school. They competed with a lot of schools along the Wasatch Front. Skylar read like a crazy woman, of course, and was one of the top readers in her class. The schools that read the most minutes won this:
Yes, an official real life visit from a player from the Jazz. They totally lucked out and got Andre Kirilenko. Skylar was really bummed to wake up the morning of the assembly with a fever of 102. I made her rest the entire day and then, since her fever was gone, I took her over to school just for the assembly. It was pretty cool. Kirilenko read a few books with the kids and then answered some questions. Man, that guy is tall. I asked Kade if he was the tallest guy he'd ever seen and he said, "Nope. Daddy's taller!" Yeah, not exactly, buddy!
Afterwards we got stuck trying to leave while they were having a little news conference with him. I took full advantage of the closeness and got some shots of Skylar and McKade (Nick was at preschool). We were also on KJZZ that night on their Sports show. It was just for about 20 seconds but hey, it's always pretty cool to be on TV.

Weather Tease

So the weather has been warm and then cold and warm and then cold. Enough already! I'm ready for Spring to get here and stay! We've been trying to take advantage of the good weather a bit. Check out the crocus popping up!!
The boys couldn't wait to roller skate! Kade decided it was a good idea to jump in them. The before and after:
I guess the amazingly long time spent putting on the helmet & pads is totally worth it when it comes to our crazy Kade!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weathering Winter

It doesn't seem like we've been doing much lately. You know how it goes in the winter time. But here are some things we've been doing:

A little outdoor fun:

A few projects around the house:

A little bit of crime fighting:

Some surfing (I wish!):

Too many sick days on the couch:

A lot of time playing Rock Band:

And watching one little girl grow up too fast!: