Friday, June 11, 2010

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

If you ask Skylar to dance for you, she won't do it. But if you put her on a stage, that girl will dance. She loves to dance! We don't get to see it often, but come May we get to see it plenty. This is the month of dance and we are bombarded with extra and longer practices, dance pictures, rehearsals, her spring concert, and Skylar's favorite by far, the National's Dance Competition at Lagoon. That girl will dance up a storm for this month and love every minute of it.
So May 15th was the big Lagoon competition. We are up early every year-we had to be there at 8:30 this year-yikes! Skylar puts on her serious face for this. She wants everything to be perfect-she's being judged and all. Skylar loves being part of a competition group. I'm amazed she's my daughter as I am so not into anything competitive. But she loves it and she loves all of the girls she dances with, many of whom she's been dancing with since she was 4.
We were lucky this year because her group was performing two dances but instead of being hours apart, they were only minutes apart. So after some practicing a bit and doing her dances pretty much back to back, we were done for the day, which was good because we decided not to stay at Lagoon since we'd be going again in a few weeks. Their dances were beautiful. They danced a ballet dance first and then the second was a combined group-her All Star Jr. Company combined with the younger group, the Mini Company-and they danced to Almost There from Princess and the Frog, which was a combined jazz and ballet number. It was pretty impressive because the group was so large, yet did such a great job! So great, in fact, that they received first place. They received second place for their first dance. Way to go All Stars!!The last week of school, just to make things a little more crazy, we add on the craziness of her dance Spring concert. This year it was scaled down a ton and so it wasn't nearly as crazy as years past. Skylar performed in three dances and did a great job, of course. Ben, the kids, and grandparents got to come see this one so that was even more exciting for Skylar.
I so love that Skylar has found something she is so passionate about. I love watching her dance with such a huge smile on her face and knowing she is loving every minute of it. Way to go my little dancer!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Kindy Grad

Well, somehow it happened. Somehow my little Nicky went from a fresh new kindergartner to a kindergarten graduate in a blur of a moment. I can't believe it went so fast. Ben and I loved watching that little boy run into school every morning, so excited to be there. We talked about recording him time and time again...and we never did. I will miss his cute little body and his big Clone Wars backpack running in. Believe me, it was adorable.
So Nick graduated from kindergarten on May 27. They had the cutest little program where the kids sang their hearts out and then received their diplomas. Skylar was pretty excited she got to sneak out of class to watch.

Nick has loved kindergarten but was so excited to be done with school...and homework...for the summer! We were so lucky to have Mrs. Vitters as his teacher this year. We love her! Nick was sad to be leaving all of his friends for the summer and planned a ton of playdates with his buddies. He was lucky to get so many new friends this year and has loved it!!

Way to go Nick on being a kindergarten graduate!! You are the coolest!! Your momma & dadda love you lots!!