Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sticking Around

Well, I guess I'm sticking around. Thank you to those of you that left comments to let me know that you're still here. I'm thankful for the dear friend that reminded me I wouldn't even know her without my blog, I'm thankful for the friend that found comfort during her own miscarriage that she felt she couldn't share about, I'm thankful for the friend who I haven't seen in years that wants to know what my crazy old family is up to, I'm thankful for the friends that said their testimonies were strengthened by my faith in my trials, I'm thankful for the friend who has completely different trials than I do but was helped because I shared my own, I'm thankful for the friends that said I was amazing for being brave enough to share, especially when I really don't feel that way at all, I'm thankful for the friend who found courage to share her feelings on her own heartaches on her blog, hoping that she could help another too, and I'm very thankful for the strangers that commented....the ones that had found comfort and encouragement in their own heartaches....without ever having met me. I guess if I can help one person to get through losing a baby, to know that they are not alone, or to give them hope through their heartache, then this blog is worth something. Because, the truth is, I'm doing it. I'm surviving. This is the worst nightmare ever, but somehow I'm doing it. I've survived 2 1/2 years without my little Gabriel and 9 months without my Reese. Although some days seem absolutely hopeless that I'll ever feel the happiness in this life that I once did, I know that I will make it, and that one day I will have all my babies in my arms and it will be nothing short of amazing!

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BBC said...

hooray. i'm so glad you'll be sticking around!